Bottled beer pt3

We've had some great feedback on the bottled beers - seems lots of people are really enjoying them and they're flying out of the fridge (not literally, that would be a bit strange).  So we've got in some more ones this week...

Kernel – Export India Porter (5.7% abv, £4.50)
As the nights draw in this beer pours dark brown like the winter evenings. Thankfully though it's not as miserable as the weather; it's got a nice aroma of roasted malts with a nice pillowy feel on the mouth.  Taste is a mix of bitter, pine resin hops alongside  hints of toffee, burnt sugar and caramel in the taste - perfect for the lead up to Halloween!

Kernel – Export Stout London 1890 (7.8% abv, £4.25)
Based on a recipe from a London Brewery in 1890, this might be a simple recipe but it's massive in taste.  Roasty and perfect for autumn with loads of rich dried fruit and alcohol warm with herbal hop bitterness and hints of smoke, vanilla and chocolate which lingers with an espresso aftertaste.  Plus it's won a couple of awards, deservedly so.

Summer Wine Brewery – Rouge Red Hop Ale (5% abv, £4)
Aptly named as this has a distinct red-hue which hints at how it might taste; forest berries, grapes and strawberry notes are as evident as the colour.  Underpinned by a complex malt body this beer has big hoppy flavours using Simcoe & Cascade varieties with a bitter sweet citrus finish.

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