Cocktail of the Week

We like to think our bartenders know a thing or two about cocktails. So we've challenged ten of them to develop a masterpiece and we'll add one new cocktail to the menu for one week only for the next ten weeks to see whose is the best.

Starting on 29th August and running through to the early days in November, we'll showcase the finest creations our bartenders have to offer with tequila, vodka, rum, whiskey and gin cocktails all getting a look in during the up and coming ten weeks. It'll be up to you, our esteemed customers, to vote for your favourite with your wallets - that is, the cocktail that sells the most in the week it's on offer will take first place and we'll award that bartender with something nice.

Each Monday we'll let you know what the cocktail for that week is, a little bit about who made it and what they've put in the drink. So check back every Monday to find out what's new...

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