The argument for Real Ale

Is it just me or are we getting sick of the same old thing in our nations pubs and bars. Everywhere we go we are offered the same fizzy, bland chemically treated beer. Is it any wonder some watering holes are disappearing due to our loss of interest, well, if you have not already discovered the world of real-ale, do not switch off. Allow me a column of your time.

If ale conjures up images of old portly men with beards wearing woolly pullovers then you need to take another look. Eager to shrug off the past cobwebs are microbreweries and brewpubs creating new and alternative ales using many different techniques, but it's not in this new wave alone that we find the reason for its recent success, no!

Consider this- real ale although part of our rich heritage continues to evolve without losing any dedication to quality. The production, storage and dispensing of real ale needs knowledge and care. Even in these dreary days of economic gloom real ale is the only growth beer market. Yes even with all the new ’colder than the last one’ lagers emerging, lager is in decline.

Another plus of real ale is the patriotic side to it. It is British and a lot of pubs today sell and eagerly promote local independent brewers sticking it to the large corporate every day. So you see there are many reasons to revisit real ale but I’ve saved the best till last..... it tastes good, remember flavour?

Yes you may still see old John, beard soaked in ale and belly sticking out from under last years woolly, because he is still around but now with almost 700 breweries and double the amount of women drinking ale (possibly due to it’s natural organic ingredients) there is always one for you. Still not convinced? Come down to our place and try one.

JULIAN (manager)

The Victoria has two real-ale festivals a year, the last one was April 8th-10th with 15 cask ales on tap.

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